It is funny how Churchill was happy to finally be free of authority and structure when he left the army and yet, developed a mind-blowing routine. In fact, I believe that anyone who would follow a similar routine could reach astounding things in life.  

A routine is somewhere in the middle between a fidget spinner and a therapist. If you think you only have minor anxiety but 99% of your life is sorted, head to this link and check out whether a fidget spinner could help you in stressful situations. If you think you are missing out on life, don’t have energy or motivation, start by bringing some structure to your life by developing a routine. Start small and gradually fill up your day.

How Routine Keeps You Sane

70-80 years ago was a vastly different time. Now, you have got drugs, gambling, pornography, social media. Every urge, every whim is only one click away and even that for us seems too long. Trust me, if you let them, these things will swallow you whole and not think about it twice. 

It’s that simple. Either you take control of your life, or you’ll wake up one day at 72 and realize that besides 100,000 tweets and 120,000 Facebook likes, you don’t have much else.  

And a routine is a perfect way to take control.

3 Kick-Ass Principles of Building a Routine

Wake up at the same time 

Granted, this is not the most astounding part of the Churchill’s daily routine but it’s an essential one. Studies prove that sticking to the same bedtimes and wake up times helps your body fall asleep faster, have a better night’s rest, wake up in a better mood and be productive throughout the day.  

In Churchill’s case, as he worked 16 hours a day, a routine helped him remove what we now call decision fatigue. Basically, instead of wondering around not knowing what to do. 


Staying productive throughout the day, like 16 hours a day, is hard. Like Churchill said, ‘never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit when you can lie down’.  

Maybe you feel tired around 2PM? Afternoon slumps are common. Instead of trying to push through even at the cost of your last drop of effort, just take a nap. 15-20 minutes will do just fine. You’ll feel rejuvenated and be ready to conquer the rest of the day.  

Build Your Own Routine 

Churchill’s routine is complicated and you should definitely read it. But the main thing is to fit your routine to you. You don’t have a war to lead, you don’t have to manage meetings with presidents and prime ministers. Maybe you’re in school, maybe in college. Maybe you work 15-hour shifts.  

Whatever it is, it is your life. Whether you want to stay in your current position or trying to get out of huge debt, looking closely at things you do every day and attempting to optimize them already will give you tremendous insight into your life. That’s what matters.  

There are very few world leaders as awe inspiring as Winston Churchill. His routine is a huge reason for that.

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