Why is history so important?

Understanding history is important because it is essential in understanding what being human truly means. People who are aware of history are able to build and when necessary change the foundations that our society is built on. However, if one does not understand where we are from and how we came about to be at the spot that we are today, then one will not be able to do any actions. Even simply actions like analyzing our own behaviour and making sure that the decisions we make are the right ones to the people around us. It begins with an individual and leads to big corporations and institutions. The NHS is a prime example of that.

How did the British healthcare look before NHS was introduced?

The UK healthcare system before and during the war was different to what people are used to today. The system offered benefits to people from below a certain level of monthly income but did not offer any people to those who were unemployed. Some things had to be paid for but the payment method was based on the plan that the price would be paid 50% by the receiver and then 50% by the employer. However, people who paid for the health care services did receive cash benefits for sickness, but only at a fixed rate. Only very limited medical services were free. The system was meant to be helpful but it had so many little holes in it that eventually it became Burdensome.

How does the British healthcare system look like today?

Today NHS is considered to be one of the best healthcare systems in the whole world, because it offers universal free healthcare. But many people who have experienced NHS first-hand often say that it is understaffed and people working there do not earn enough money. Another issue that the NHS faces is its lack of integration. The three parts as the NHS operates as do not co-work and apply their own set of rules when it comes to work.

How can we learn from history and improve the NHS?

At the moment, the NHS is centrally funded out of taxation hence it is very much politically involved. A model like that differs from other European countries, but universal healthcare is something that everyone should strive for. However, the continuous political involved with the NHS has its own burdens and that should not be neglected when future decisions concerning the NHS are made. Another thing from the past that keeps plaguing NHS is how it rather focuses on sickness instead of preventative care. Mentality like that costs NHS millions every year, while application of new methods could save this institution lots of money that could be applied for the benefit of the citizens.